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Puppet Mania!


After receiving a letter from the Purple puppet company asking us to produce puppets to retell traditional tales, we have been very busy designing and making! We also had a visit from a professional puppeteer who helped us with our techniques. Can you guess which traditional characters our puppets are?

puppet 1 puppet 2 puppet 3


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In the woods


sheleter 2We imagined that our outdoor area was the woods where the big bad wolf lives. We made traps to try to catch him and shelters for Little Red Riding hood to hide in.

shelterThis week, our woods were different. They were the woods where Hansel and Gretel got lost. We made some trails to lead them home and created some different houses to tempt them instead!

trail ginger house

Amy’s Space Story


One damp, humid morning two weeks ago, a large group of explorers set off on a mission to the planet Mars in search of a new species to record in their travel logs. Unfortunately the explorers rocket never landed. They had vanished into thin air and all communication with them and lost!

Just over a week later, a second group of explorers were contacted to investigate and go on a second rocket to find the missing people. One of the explorers was called Charlie. He was a little boy with short, blond hair and eyes as blue as the sea. He was very excited about his trip to space but also a little anxious and unsure as to what he would find when he got there.

The next moment, Charlie climbed aboard the colourful rocket but as soon as was in it, the countdown started without him touching anything. Charlie was astonished as the rocket started to move upwards. Charlie jolted backwards and called for his friend Belle but it was too late. He was in space. The spaceship landed on a strange planet that Charlie had never seen before. He saw a green alien and a bubbling volcano. The alien was green, purple and a very light pink. Next, the alien crept closer and closer until it was so close that Charlie had to run near the bubbling volcano. As soon as he touched the wall of the volcano, it’s lava poured out of it. Charlie was stuck. Lava behind him and the alien in front! Charlie thought of an idea to get back home. He ran to the side and then ran forwards but to his dismay the rocket wasn’t there. Charlie was trapped on the strange planet with the alien and the lava. Charlie worried at that moment. After that, Charlie wished that his mum was there and he could get home for tea. After Charlie had wished it, his rocket appeared with his mum with his supper in her hand! Charlie was overjoyed. They got in the rocket and took off to home.


As written. Text in bold was given as a story starter.

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Something crashes in Nightingale field!


We have written news flash bulletins about this strange event…


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Happy new school year everyone!


back 2 school

Another new year and a new and amazing set of year 2 children! It’s time to start sharing again!

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Tongue twisters – can you say them?


We have been preparing for the ugly bug ball, thinking about everything from food to entertainment. Here are some of the tongue twisters we have written to entertain our minibeast friends.


Sophie Snail slid slowly down the slide with a slippery and slimy trail.snail


Lucy Ladybird licked a lemon lolly.


Wayne worm wiggled on a wire which was white.


Andrew ant approached an apple.


Well done to Anya, Grace, Thomas and Mia who wrote these alliterative tongue twisters!

My riddle – by Matthew


I have 8 eyes.

Sometimes, I live in gardens and homes.

I move on 8 legs.

I eat insects.

My colour is normally black.

People are scared of me.

I live on a web.

What am I?

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My riddle – by Daniel


I usually live in dark, damp places.

My legs can grow to 50mm.

I can kill Redback spiders.

My babies take three weeks to hatch.

I eat other minibeasts.

My real name is Harvest Man.

I have one pair of eyes instead of eight.

I am not a spider.

What am I?

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The great book launch!


book launch 4Finally our story books have all been printed and published after much hard work from everyone at Nightingale but especially the children who have written and illustrated a full sized picture book each!
We celebrated the launch with fizzy squash (champagne!) and nibbles, some book reading and sharing and a talk from a local author and illustrator! WOW! Books went on sale and we have raised lots of money already towards our new library!
book luanch 6

Book launch 2

Book launch

Book launch tom

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Nightingale year 2 gymnastics team take gold!


We are extremely proud of the Nightingale year 2 gymnastics team who won the School Sports Partnership Key Steps gymnastics competition, held in Norwich on the 26th February.
gym team
The team – Carl, Mia, Finlay, Maddison, Hugh and Bethany – performed a floor routine and individual vaults. The team excelled in particular at vaulting and were commmended on their high standard! WELL DONE!
gym floor

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